pre-order the31 Prayer Guide

An updated version of the31 Prayer Guide is in the works, but the timing is uncertain.
(Those developing this are doing so on the side, amidst other full ministry involvements.)

As we confirm interest we hope to:

  • service “rush” orders for $2 or less per copy (in quantity)
  • produce an updated edition in higher quantity at lower cost:
    • $2 (in multiples of 10 under 80)
    • $1.50 (in multiples of 10 and total over 100)
    • $1 (in multiples of 10 and total over 500)

Use the form below to:

  • Request notification as the Prayer Guide is updated,
  • Let us know how many print copies you would like,
  • Let us know when you will need or want them.
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