The 31 Largest Frontier People Groups

Prayer Guide Last Updated June 5, 2018

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God is up to something BIG!

When God is preparing a major advance of His purpose, He first sets His people praying so the glory will be clearly His.

Three hundred years ago, as God was preparing to stir global mission outreach from the reformation two hundred years earlier, His Spirit fell on refugees in Germany in a “second Pentecost” that:

  • launched a 100-year, round-the-clock prayer watch,
  • sent out hundreds of missionaries, and
  • birthed the first concerted Protestant mission efforts.

The story behind this simple prayer guide is similarly miraculous:

  • Researchers realized that the eighth of the world’s population with the least access to the gospel lived in just 31 people groups with less than one Christian (of any kind) per 1,000.
  • Prayer Leaders suggested that a prayer guide would help the Church pray consistently for these 31 one groups.
  • God gave remarkable unity to a diverse group of leaders about how to focus our prayers for these peoples.
  • The booklet was ready for its first printing exactly 40 days later!

God is up to something big, and enlisting many to “pray-pare” the way.

Will you join this prayer movement?


One fourth of the world lives in reclusive Frontier People Groups (FPGs—less than 0.1% Christian of any kind).

These FPGs perceive Christianity as a foreign influence threatening to tear apart their families and communities.

Traditional church planting and witness to individuals within FPGs reinforces these fears. Thus FPGs are reached only through the blessing of God sweeping through the families of these peoples in Jesus movements, in fulfillment of God’s promise to Abram (Gen 12) to bless all earth’s families.

Half the population of all 4,700+ FPGs live in the 31 largest FPGs profiled for prayer in this booklet. These 31 largest FPGs also carry great influence with many smaller FPGs, making it doubly urgent to pray for Jesus movements blessing families among these 31 largest FPGs.

Prayer is the essential foundation for any movement.

This booklet empowers you to play a vital role in blessing the families of these peoples, through Jesus movements centered in discovery study of God’s Word.

Distinctives of this Prayer Plan/Guide


  • One fourth of the world live in slightly less than 5,000 “Frontier People Groups,” where Christians of any kind number less than one in 1,000
    (This subset of unreached people groups is explained on the Joshua Project site.)
  • Satan’s hold over these Frontier People Groups is magnified by their fear of Christianity as an invading threat to their families and communities.
  • About half the population of these Frontier People Groups (about one eighth of the world’s population) live in just 31 of these groups, each with a population above 10 million.
  • Prayer—the focus of this booklet—is the first step toward freeing these Frontier People Groups from Satan’s grasp to receive God’s blessing through Jesus.
  • Traditional church planting (through evangelism of individuals without regard for their families) reinforces the fears of these Frontier People Groups, and delays God’s stated intention to bless all the families of the earth (Gen 12).
  • Jesus Movements that heal and bless whole families are the only way such peoples have historically come to widely experience God’s blessing.
  • Our common Christian/mission language of “reaching” peoples heightens the fear among Frontier People Groups of Christianity as an invading, foreign influence; the prayers in this booklet thus focus believers on praying for God’s blessing on families through movements.

Note: In this booklet we have chosen to avoid two common labels for movements, for the following reasons:

  • The term “church planting movements” uses overlapping terminology with “church planting,” and fuels the common but wrong assumption that evangelism of individuals toward planting a new congregation is a step toward a movement. In fact, such evangelism and church planting creates unnecessary barriers to movements.
  • The phrase “kingdom movements” can alarm governments that fear competition from other kingdoms (consider India’s recent revocation of 10,000 licenses of foreign ministries to India).

The booklet also:

  • Introduces the 24:14 Coalition as a major step toward Jesus movements among every people.
  • Introduces the 24:14 Inherit The Nations initiative to pair prayer teams with field teams.
  • Offers free copies of Hastening and Stubborn Perseverance to fuel understanding of how movements bless families and people groups and how God is reaping an unprecedented global harvest through movements.
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